Made me forget about my problems

I was delighted (sic) to have such a polite performer play the violin and tap dance for me.  It really lifted my spirits and made me forget about my problems, if only for a short time.  It is rare to see such dedication in one so young.  I’m sure if he continues practicing, he will be a talent to be reckoned with. Artist: Jared Kirkpatrick, Violin and Tap Dancer, 15 years old. Before: 3 After: Great

A wonderful program

I think DooR to DooR is a wonderful program.  I've been in the Burn Unit for 2 weeks now without a single visitor, but having Joy and Teresa (Fernandez, Singer from Cuba) come to see me lifted my spirits so so so so much!
Before: 1
After: 10

Cheer patients

Wonderful--Should be scheduled on a regular basis to cheer patients.

Please come more often

I love this. Please come more often. When they are here, my feet don't even hurt as much!

Great way to relax

This was a great way to relax a patient.
Before: Low, in pain
After: spirits up, entertained, Great

Very uplifting

It was very uplifting. Before: “Low” After: “Great”

A lot better – Thank you!

How do you feel?
Before: In pain - stressed
After: A lot better - Thank you!

The highlight of this admission

My pt (and her family too) were moved by Mr. Byrd's performance…said it was the highlight of this admission. Thank you!

Very uplifting

A wonderful program!!  Very uplifting.  Thank you for visiting me.  The poetry reading was very poignant and intensely personal for me.
Artist: Grey Brown, Poet

What a wonderful treat!!

Brandon was fussy and unhappy about something before they came - then he danced during their Bieber song - He loved it!!  The singers were so sweet with him too.  What a wonderful treat!!  Thank you!

Really lifted my spirits…

This was so nice to have especially on Mother's Day.  Really lifted my spirits and made my whole morning!!  Thanks!  M.N.
Before: Feeling lonely, missing kids
After:  Great!  What a nice treat!
Artists: Lorelies, Acapella singing group, all women.

I feel Great!

Their visit was unexpected and absolutely wonderful!  It was my first smile in days.  What a wonderful idea!
Before: I feel bad, "Really Bad!
After:  I feel Great!


Amazing thing ever! I LOVED it SO MUCH!  He was awesome! : )
Before: Low
After: Great x 10
Artist: Roy the Harmonica Teacher, Volunteer


Before: Feeling down and out
After: Feel fantastic!  They are AWESOME!! THEY ARE SUPER AWESOME!!
Father and Son Artists: Ayr Mountainairs

Full of Joy!

Before: I felt lonely, sad almost
After: I regret to see her leave My spirit had been uplifted! Full of Joy! God Bless Her
Artist: Leslie Alperin, Cello


He made my son smile and taught him how to play the harmonica. THANK YOU! WONDERFUL! Before the Artist Visit: Low After: Great

Laura is an excellent Harpist. Her music really lifted my spirits. Please send her back as often as possible!

My pt (and her family too) were moved by Mr. Byrd’s performance…said it was the highlight of this admission. Thank you!

Wonderful–Should be scheduled on a regular basis to cheer patients.

Thank you for making the hospital experience more enjoyable for everyone.  : )