Interactions among DooR to DooR artists and patients are often beautiful, vivid, and memorable. Patients often say, "You made my day," and "This was the bright spot of my hospital stay." Faces change from neutral to the tears that seem so cleansing; so many others from gloom to smiles and even to laughter. Hospital staff walk by a room filled with laughter, and they have to smile and look too. We are fortunate to hear from many of the people we serve...

From letters we (and our artists) have received:

"My name is Gloria...and I was a patient at UNC Hospitals.  I was released this last Wednesday after having surgery.  Some people of your program came by, and I just wanted you to know that it was very uplifting and it was very inspiring to me, and I just wanted to call you to say Thank You."

"My daughter (6) had such a smile on her face while the cello played...recovering from burns is as much about attitude as anything else, and having a musician stop by certainly gave her spirits a much needed boost. Thanks for being a bright spot in her day and in ours."

My pt (and her family too) were moved by Mr. Byrd's performance...said it was the highlight of this admission. Thank you!"

"Wonderful--Should be scheduled on a regular basis to cheer patients."DooR to DooR

"We always have a long chemo-infusion time, so to have your delightful music was just the 'tonic' we needed. The accordion was the perfect instrument with the perfect player. Thanks for sharing with us you special talent!"

"I was in the Children's ICU waiting area when a ray of cheer came stumbling through. She made everyone laugh, we needed it! This is a very special program. Thanks so much."

"I couldn't believe my ears as I was walking down the hall! Accordion Music!! What a wonderful and soothing sound. My son is here for surgery, and as a Mom, you can imagine how shot my nerves are. But instantly, when hearing this fine gentle man David DiGiuseppe, I was even tapping my toes. This is truly a wonderful thing for the patients, their families and even the workers here at Chapel Hill. Thank you."

"I wish you played here every day."

"...her father-in-law died yesterday and the harp music allowed her to deal with the emotions instead of storing them up to take home" (Artist: Prue Mulrine)

"Music is great don't know how much it helps."

"It was the most fun I had at [hospital] school in a long time....Please come back soon, we enjoyed you coming.  From Rachel"

"I love this. Please come more often. When they are here, my feet don't even hurt as much!" (Patient, Gravely Infusion Room -- Artist: Charles Pettee)

"Laura is an excellent Harpist. Her music really lifted my spirits. Please send her back as often as possible!" (Patient, Jaycee Burn Unit -- Artist: Laura Byrne, Harp Teacher, UNC Music Department)

"Baby stopped crying after 2 hours of non-stop crying." (Jaycee Burn Unit -- Artists: Terea Fernandez, Singer; Ed Stephenson, Flamenco Guitar)

How do you feel?
Before: "Low"
After: "Wonderful"
(Pediatric Oncology -- Artists: The Loreleis)

How do you feel?
Before: "In pain - stressed"
After: "a lot better - Thank you!"
(Artist: Leslie Alperin, Cello)