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DooR to DooR is willing and able to coordinate more patient room visits and more stage performances.  Your support would allow more time to engage more volunteer performers, and for more professional artists to be paid for their presentations. These artists spend hundreds of unpaid hours practicing their music, writing their poems, training their voices, and creating their programs. So when they do share their art it is so appropriate to pay them as generously as possible. DooR to DooR

To make a tax-deductible donation to DooR to DooR via the Medical Foundation of North Carolina, please click the "DONATE" button below (takes you to the Medical Foundation donation website...please be sure to designate funds to "DooR to DooR"):


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The Medical Foundation of NC, Inc.
880 Martin Luther King Blvd.
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Phone: (919) 966-1201

Please be sure to designate funds to "DooR to DooR" on your check.

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Guy B. Phillips Middle School, Drama Department, Robbie Nadas
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The Maola Foundation for Children  
Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
Ride Again Productions
Strowd Roses, Inc.
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